Casa dos Raros aims to reduce the journey of patients with a rare disease from the first symptoms to diagnosis and treatment, through the development of actions that result in a better quality of life for patients and their families, in a network formed by specialized centers, strategic partners and qualified employees.
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Prof. Dr. Roberto Giugliani - Medical geneticist
Patients with rare diseases spend years traveling through different doctors and doing a multitude of tests in search of a diagnosis, which almost always comes too late. It is necessary to shorten this journey, to give the rare the opportunity for a better life.
Antoine Daher - Entrepreneur
All lives have the same value.”
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With you we will be able to finish and equip Casa dos Raros with all the furniture and utensils we need to care for children and other people with rare diseases.

The project is a pioneer in Latin America, is located in Porto Alegre - Rio Grande do Sul - Brazil and is in the final stage of construction. With approximately 2 thousand square meters, it will be a space for the development of:

1. full assistance for patients with rare diseases,
2. training and education of professionals and
3. scientific and clinical research.
The Casa dos Raros
Scenario of rare diseases in the world and in Brazil
600 thousand
of rare diseases patients in the State of Rio Grande do Sul alone.
13 million
Brazilians may be suffering from some kind of rare disease.
7 thousand
types of rare diseases cataloged, 85% of which are of genetic origin and affect mostly children.
of the world's population has some type of rare disease.
There are around
According to the World Health Organization,
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Collaborate for the acquisition of the necessary equipment for the operation of our headquarters.
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Rua São Manoel, 722,
Porto Alegre , Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil.
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